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Máy cắt Kufoseco SK-24BS - Mỹ

Mã: SK-24BS


  • Solid cast iron saw wheels for all model.
  • Hinged steel wheel guards open wide for easy change of saw blades.
  • Easy movement of blade guide assemblles up and down bu hand.
  • Precision blade guides assure fast, smooth cut of the machine.
  • Support blocks adjustable with screws and back-up guides wheelsassure steady blade support.
  • Heavily ribbed cast iron table can be 45 degree.
  • Rip fence can be locked at either side of the saw blade.
  • All saw wheel covered with rubber.
  • All models equipped with foot brakes, saw dust chutes and saw wheel cleaning brushes.
Saw wheels diameter24" / 609mm28" / 711mm36" / 915mm
MaterialSteelCast ironCast iron
Saw wheel width1-1/2" / 38mm2" / 50mm3" / 75mm
Saw wheel speed620 RPM660 RPM550-660 RPM
Cutting capacity

H 15-3/4" X W 23"

H 17-3/4" X W 26-3/8"

H 20-1/2" X W 34-1/2"

 H 400mm X W 585mmH 450mm X W 670mmH 520mm X W 876mm
Table size

22-3/4" X 33"

39-3/8" X 27-1/2"

49-1/2" X 31-3/4"

 578mm X 838mm1000mm X 700mm1,257mm X 806mm
Table height34-1/2" / 876.3mm35-1/2" / 901mm39-1/4" / 997mm
Electric motor5HP / 3.75kws7.5HP / 5.6kws15HP / 11.25kws
Overall dimensions26" X 39" X 80"30" X 50" X 89"29-1/2" X 60" X 110"
 660 X 990 X 2,032mm762 X 1,270 X 2,260mm750mm X 1,524 X 2,795mm
Packing size43" X 31" X 86"93" X 28" X 48"109" X 43" X 61"
 1,093 X 788 X 2,185mm2,362 X 711 X 1,220mm2,769 X 1,093 X 1,550mm
Net weight968 lbs990lbs1,540 lbs
Gross weight1,140 lbs1,276 lbs1,936 lbs
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